Top 10 Clean your skin – Panneaux de sécurité

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Protection de travail, hôtel, école, INDIGOS UG – Autocollant – Sécurité – Avertissement – Not very Handy! Poster Keep your skin clean Safety 40 x 30 cm – Stickers pour bureau, entreprise

INDIGOS UG - Protégez-vous, vos employés et employés ou les enfants au bureau, à la maison au travail ou dans le nuancier. Panneau signalétique ou autocollant de la marque indigo. Nos stickers sont collés sur toutes les surfaces lisses, les fenêtres, les voitures, telles que les portes, les placards ou même sur le mur.

Conforme aux dispositions légales de nos produits. Panneau signalétique ou autocollant de la marque Indigo. Panneau signalétique de marquage d'entreprise. Les plaques ne sont pas pré-percées. Nos plaques ou autocollants selon le titre de l'article sont faits pour votre sécurité.

Convient pour l'extérieur : tous les panneaux, étiquettes et autocollants ont une protection UV, sont résistants aux rayures et aux intempéries, éprouvés dans la pratique de l'entreprise. Ils s'installent partout. Collez ce signe aux endroits que vous avez besoin ou aux endroits prescrits par le loi. 400 mm x 300 mm. Nous produisons du film allemand haute performance ou du PVC.
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2. Watkings

Brosse de Nettoyage de pressage multifonctionnelle réservoir de Stockage de Liquide intégré Brosse de Pot de Vaisselle de Cuisine, Watkings Brosse de Paume de Distribution de Savon de Cuisine

Watkings - Appuyez sur le liquide - le liquide de nettoyage n'est pas gaspillé, nettoie en douceur et est économique. Méthodes d'utilisation : versez le détergent dans le réservoir de stockage et appuyez dessus pour le faire sortir.

Conception unique : conception ergonomique, facile à tenir et antidérapante, facile à compléter l'effet de nettoyage, il suffit de rincer abondamment la tête de brosse avec de l'eau. Le matériau pet ne fait pas mal aux mains, design humain, les lavabos et les carreaux de céramique. Matériau : fabriqué en métal/pet, au pot et le nettoyage ne blesse pas la surface. Avantage : décharge de liquide pratique, pas de mains collantes, forte décontamination, pas de dommages cutanés.

Réservoir de stockage de liquide intégré : pour le nettoyage, il vous suffit d'appuyer sur la colle douce supérieure pour évacuer le liquide. Pas besoin de se laver, gagnez du temps et des efforts sans vous blesser les mains et décontaminez puissamment. Utilisé pour laver les cuisinières, facile à nettoyer.


Tableware Powder Cleaner, Multifunctional Pressing Cleaning Brush, Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm Brush Scrub Cleaning Brush, Built-in Liquid Storage Tank 2PCS

TYHJ - No need to wash, strong decontamination, and powerfully decontaminate. Material: made of metal, the pot, human design, easy to clean. The pet material does not hurt your hands, and the cleaning does not hurt the surface.

Advantage: convenient liquid discharge, save time and effort without hurting your hands, no sticky hands, no skin damage. Used for washing kitchen stoves, washbasins and ceramic tiles. Built-in liquid storage tank: for cleaning, cleans smoothly, you only need to press the top soft glue to discharge the liquid. Unique design: ergonomic design, easy to hold and non-slip, easy to complete the cleaning effect, just rinse the brush head thoroughly with water. Multipurpose: our dish scrubber brush is ideal for bowls, milk bottles, tiles, pans, vase, cup, glasses, mugs or other kitchenwares. Press the liquid-the cleaning liquid is not wasted, and is economical.

4. Humidifier

Humidifier Kitchen Cleaning Brush Set | Dish Brush for Cleaning | Kitchen Cleaning Brush Set | Kitchen Scrub Brush Bendable Clean | Cleaning Brush Household Hand-Held Kitchen Cleaning

Humidifier - Convenient storage: this multipurpose cleaning Brush Set has a little opening toward the end for swinging from a snare. Efficient & powerful: this kitchen cleaning brush set is here to assist you which with canning make your cleaning undertakings proficient and natural.

This strong scrubber can save half of the cleaning time and effectively disposes of filth, and grime, to really focus on your knees and back. Multifunctional cleaning tool: this kitchen cleaning Brush Set is perfect for cleaning windows, vehicle windshields, tile, shower entryways, and all the more level or undulated outsides with our adaptable yet solid silicon edge.

At the point when not being used, you can swing them conveniently on a snare. Ergonomic handle: this kitchen cleaning Brush Set has an ergonomic handle with extra-solid giving you the power and straightforwardness to clean without slipping. A bendable design: this kitchen cleaning Brush Set makes it more straightforward to clean the corner and the bended outside, it can be utilized for ordinary shapes.
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5. Niktule

5-in-1 Handheld Bathtub Electric Brush for Kitchen Bathroom, Cordless Cleaning Tool for Toilet Tub Home Sink Tub Pen Magnetic Handle Toilet Spot Women Sponge simplekleen, Cleaner Scrubber

Niktule - It comes with a 1, 500mah lithium battery, which is extremely capable of storing electricity. Nylon electric cleaning brush head for large area cleaning, sponge electric cleaning brush head for easy wear items, wool electric cleaning brush head for further cleaning after washing, polishing effect.

3 replaceable electric cleaning brush heads: this electric cleaning brush has 3 interchangeable electric cleaning brush heads. Its handle is so ergonomic that you don't get tired of holding it for a long time, and it helps you clean stains and dirty spots faster and better. Functional electric cleaning brush: our electric cleaning brush is very convenient to use. Easy to store: this electric cleaning brush is very easy to store because it is so compact that you can put it anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen without taking up a lot of storage space.

It makes your cleaning job a breeze. A nice helper: if you want to make cleaning your home a breeze, which is one-button activated, you can choose our electric cleaning brush, powerful, and can rotate in all directions. Usb charging: our electric cleaning brush is charged by usb cable. It can be used continuously for 120 minutes to help you clean stains easily.
La taille26 cm (10.24 Pouces)
Longueur18 cm (7.09 Pouces)
Largeur8 cm (3.15 Pouces)
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4PCS Multi-Purpose Silicone Kitchen Non-Stick Brush Kitchen Silicone, Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Scrubber Pot Holder Multipurpose Dish-Wash

CHENG - Although rinsing the silicone scrubber under running water is enough to keep it clean and ready to use. You can use those sponges as hot pads and trivets and they are the best scrubbers. Never settle for less than extraordinary. Durable but non-water absorbent, Silicone cleaning brushes do not absorb water, flexible, are antibacterial, unbreakable and no deformation, can be reused for long time.

Save your money with this sustainable scrubber- we love green cleaning products! Pre-wash your dishes from food leftovers and then put them in the dishwasher along with your silicone cleaning sponges. Simply you could just boil them in water orput them in the washing machine. They are bendable, can get to the bottom of cups or other closed-mouthed items, do a great clean job on those items.

These cleaning sponges are fdA Standard, BPA free, tasteless, rest assure this antibacterial material will make you happy. Food-grade antibacterial silicone - natural and harmless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly. A patented hanging hoop allows for convenient use and easy dry hanging. No need to worry about tearing or ripping the scrubber, won't damage the skin, 100% safe using these to wash any of your cookware with nonstick coating.
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7. Siabeda

Siabeda Deep Pore Cleansing Facial mask,Green Tea Facial Cleansing Remover Stick Mask,Avocado Mask Stick for Face,Purifying Blackhead Acne Oil Pore,Removes Blackheads 1 Pcs, Avocado

Siabeda - Remove dirt, and make skin hydrated and clear. Easy to applywash your face, wait for 10-15 minutes, avoiding the eyes and lips when applying, and then evenly apply an appropriate of Facial mask to the face, and finally rinse with water . The citrus mask is mildly moisturizing, can effectively relieve the growth of facial acne and reduce the formation of acne, The water contained in the mask can quickly penetrates the deep layers of the skin and provides it with natural moisture.

Natural ingredients the green tea mask contains green tea extract, deeply clean up skin dirt, Removes Blackheads, glycerin, adjust the skin's water and oil balance, vitamin E . Easy to carrythe citrus mask adopts the design of rotating head, which is more convenient to use and not easy to dirty hands. The has characteristics of small size and lightweight, business trip, travel, so it is very convenient to carry on.

It is suitable for carrying out at home, etc. Citrus cleansing stickthis citrus mask stick extract citrus plant essence, balance water and oil, can easily. Removes all kinds of make-up and cleans pores while removing makeup. Which can effectively clean the skin pores, improve skin condition. Brighten skin tone, replenish skin moisture, and keep beautiful skin. Mildly moisturizingthe addition of plant extract cleanse and condition the skin while making the skin soft and smooth.


Horse Brushes for Grooming, Horses Neat Pet Grooming Brush, OWSEN Original for Horses Dogs 6-in-1 Shedding Grooming Massage

OWSEN - Just rinse to clean! groom the face -- safelythe custom formulated rubber, rounded corners, wedged ends and small exfoliating diamonds make The Pet Grooming Brus both effective and safe for use everywhere on the face. Designed for comfort and convenience6-in-1 shedding grooming massage is multi-purpose and designed to make quick and efficient work of grooming.

While providing serious therapeutic benefits. It just doesn't get better than that! I personally guarantee you and your horse will love this new way to groom. Without bristles or blade. Guaranteed to improve the skin and coat! lift & remove embedded dirtlike a magic trick, the patented edge feature lifts dirt from the skin up onto the coat where it stacks up in rows to be brushed to the ground.

Remove shedding hair 6-in-1 shedding grooming Massage was purposefully designed to remove loose hair released from the skin naturally. You will go looking for dirt! erase dried mud & sweat6-in-1 shedding grooming massage has a diamond pad perfect for removing dried mud and sweat--purposely designed to not clog with dirt and hair like most curries and brushes.
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HTYA 2 Pack Multifunctional Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm Brush Cleaning Brush with Detergent

HTYA - Advantage: convenient liquid discharge, no sticky hands, strong decontamination, no skin damage.100% premium quality, anti-bacterial: our scrubbers are designed to improve traditional sponges in any possible way. To be more clean and healthy, no mildEW SMELL, safe, these scrubbers are no smell, and resistant to bacteria.

The scrubbers are really gentle on your hands, pots/pans, it will not splinter or scratch your skin. No need to wash, save time and effort without hurting your hands, and powerfully decontaminate. Press the liquid-the cleaning liquid is not wasted, and is economical. Built-in liquid storage tank: for cleaning, cleans smoothly, you only need to press the top soft glue to discharge the liquid. Non scratch and safe for cast iron, glassware, plastic Tupperware, non stick pans and pots, and many more.

Effortlessly cleaning kitchen appliances, Great for automobile, commercial use and more. Heavy-duty stainless steel sponges scourer: our scrubber are rust-resistant, scrubs away stubborn stains, dishes, household equipment, grease and grime that built-up over times. Easy to clean and built to last a long time and dishwasher safe. Non-scratch premium nano fiber material scrubber: have you ever experience smelly regular sponge? New PET Soap Dispensing Palm Brush.
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FSHANYUE Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, 2 in 1 Multifunctional Pressing Cleaning Brush Built-in Liquid Storage Tank, Kitchen Brush for Dish Pot Pan Sink Cleaning, Dishwasher Cleaning Brush Pet

FSHANYUE - No need to wash, no sticky hands, strong decontamination, save time and effort without hurting your hands, and powerfully decontaminate. Material: made of metal/pet, easy to clean. Using methods: pour the detergent into the storage tank and press it to squeezes it out.

It protects your hand from touching the liquid directly, won't hurt your hands skin. Unique design: ergonomic design, easy to complete the cleaning effect, easy to hold and non-slip, just rinse the brush head thoroughly with water. Press the liquid-the cleaning liquid is not wasted, cleans smoothly, so you need to prepare it yourself. Use it everyday to clean your pan, cast iron, the pot, pot, kitchen utensils, stoves, countertop etc.

For cleaning, and is economical. Built-in liquid storage tank: soap dispensing palm brush ?has no liquid, you only need to press the top soft glue to discharge the liquid. The pet material does not hurt your hands, sink, human design, dish, and the cleaning does not hurt the surface. Advantage: convenient liquid discharge, no skin damage.